Supervision with Kimberly

The work:

Supervision would be appropriate for healers, (healers in training) and psychotherapists.  Supervision can be created in person or by telephone. Supervision is offered individually or in groups.

It is important as “Healers” to have a healing space that weaves the gifts of each of us, helps us to evolve and offers guidance where we may be blind in a maze of transference with our clients. Supervision is conducted in a safe container in which each supervisee can reveal their strengths and weaknesses. A place where honesty leads to the most profound teaching and in the blindness revelation occurs.

During the session, there will be an opportunity for you to present specific client cases for review, questions, and exploration.  We will delve into: the psychodynamic issues involved, transference, projective identification, boundaries, self-care as a healer, and your “edge” involved in working with this client.

 Fees, Cancellation policy, and confidentiality:

Kimberly’s fee for a 55-minute individual supervision session is $150.00.  Group supervision is $115.00 for a 2-hour session, for a commitment to a series of six sessions.  There is a 24-hour cancellation policy.   If you miss an appointment you are responsible for the payment of that appointment. All information will be held in the deepest reverence and in a confidential manner.

For more information about individual and group supervision or to schedule an appointment, contact:

Kimberly Cahill 404-219-7231

To prepay for a session:

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