Souls Journey Immersion Program

A Two-Year Healing Program

In dedication to the great Mother
She who listens to the sounds of the world

I am delighted to present The Souls Journey Immersion Program, a two-year spiritual healing school.  This is a path of personal transformation and soul awakening, as well as, a professional program for spiritual healing training.

The foundation of this program is about relationship with self, God and the world, where all things in existence are so mutually connected they are one and separate simultaneously.

The Souls Journey Immersion Program offers a unique approach to spiritual healing based upon embracing our complete humanness rather than splitting ourselves into different elements such as the physical and spiritual. Our definition of wholeness includes all the parts of the self even what we call the broken or unhealed parts. Every aspect of the self is holy and has a place in who we are.

Healing, as taught in this program, is about relationship to life as it is, rather than a series of techniques. This work will enable students to become openhearted. So, if you are seeking a program with these premises as its core, then immerse yourself in this incredible journey.

Program Description

Students will complete 90 hours of training each year that encompass the following areas of exploration, discovery, and skill:

We will understand that wholeness is intrinsically present within a client and us and is illuminated during healings, inspiring the body, mind, and spirit to re-emanate at the deepest essential levels.

We will learn healings not based on energy but on the underlying relational conditions of creation itself. We will practice meditations to help us strengthen and integrate the mind, body, and soul to embody these fundamental building blocks.

We will heal in the unitive state, the non-dual which includes and supports duality. We will learn the ever-changing dynamics of the relational pathways contained in The Tree of Life, and explore the healing paradigms of Sacred Geometry, Esoteric/ Exoteric Sephirotic gateways and healings with the names of the Holy One.

By direct experience, we will know that relationship is the essential condition of the universe. We then begin to live from a larger view of ourselves, not just through the narrow windows of our personal histories, beliefs, and patterns. In this awakened state, we are more present in life.

We will focus on the many faces of relationship and practice states of active presence and healing without subject-object splits.

We will understand the nature and significance for us as healers that the act of separation, of creation, is an act of mercy, and that mercy is literally the quality and substance of the world. Separation and duality are mercy itself.  In Psalm 89.3 it is written: “I have said, ‘The World is built on mercy.’”

In year two we focus exclusively on work that helps to embody the non-dual state of consciousness; the interface between the personal and the transcendent. We will learn healings by working with creation, as well as, with the sacred letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the Aleph-Bet. The universe was called forth into being through the Aleph-bet letters- the first shapes uttered by the unknowable or, “the breath of God.” Each letter represents a sound and each letter is a condition or form reality can take. When we open to them, they transform and teach us.

The format

We will explore and learn through such teaching modalities as movement, group sharing, hands-on healing, meditation, prayer, silence, reflective learning experiences, rituals and ceremony and experiential exercises.

Who should attend?

Whether you are currently in the healing/helping or medical fields, or another profession such as artist, executive, lawyer or teacher; you can integrate this healing modality into your current profession.

The Souls Journey Immersion Program is a two-year course of study. Class enrollment is limited to 20 students to create a small intimate community that allows the teachings to reach the path of the heart.

Souls Journey Immersion Program group room


A two-year commitment.

A deep dedication to yourself and your life, although this program is not psychologically based, it will bring up all your “issues” and the places where you are not in relationship with yourself.  You must be self-responsible, have a sense of your personal psychology, and experience in working with your unconscious motivations.

Monthly sessions are required with a healer or therapist for your support.

You will emerge with:

A 2-year certification in spiritual healing

A foundational transformation of the self

A healing modality birthed from the non-dual unitive state of consciousness

A paradigm of relationship grounded in presence that will change your experience of self and the world

Basic tools that allow you to integrate this healing work into your profession

An intimate community of like-minded people

Introduction Sessions

Several introductory sessions are scheduled during the fall and winter to introduce prospective students to this Spiritual Healing Program offered by Kimberly Cahill.  During the introductory session, we will explore the work of the Immersion Program through an experiential lecture, meditation, and a hands-on-healing.

Acceptance to the school is through a combination of an application and interview process. Prospective students need only attend one Introduction Session. Introduction evening Sessions are $25, and the full day Introduction Workshop is $80.  Participants will receive half-off their fee if they bring a friend.

Class Dates and Location

The program is held in Atlanta, Georgia at The Link Counseling Center-The House Next Door and meets six weekends during each year (see dates for year one below.) We meet on Friday night from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Year One 2019- Class Dates

Jan. 18, 19, 20

March 8, 9, 10

May 3, 4, 5

July 19, 20, 21

Sept. 20, 21, 22

Nov. 8, 9, 10

Year Two (2020) – Class Dates




Tuition per year is $2,250, which includes three private sessions with Kimberly for individual support and private instruction.

Payment plan options include:

*A $300 discount for single payment for the first year in full 

*A $495 deposit with six $350 payments, one due at each class weekend

*A $500 discount for the first year’s tuition for each person you refer and who are accepted into the program 

For more information please contact:

Kimberly Cahill 404-219-7231  

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