About Kimberly Cahill

I have had a full-time practice as a spiritual healer and workshop teacher since 1992. My practice includes supervising healers and therapists. I live with my husband and son. My dedication to my family, passion for life and for awakening enables me to help others through their healing and transformation.
I have always held the feminine aspects of God close to the heart of my work. My ability to work with essential levels with compassionate, grounded and practical insight, enables clients and students to understand and address their deeper issues.
I am a graduate of A Society of Souls®, a four-year professional-level training in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing®: a form of healing based on the Judaic path of the Tree of Life, object-relations and a non-dualistic perspective of human psychology. I am also a graduate of The Barbara Brennan School of Healing®, a four-year in-depth training in hands-on energy healing and personal transformation. In the 1990’s I studied Continuum Movement with Emile Conrad. My studies have also taken me to North and South America as well as Europe to work with spiritual teachers and study shamanistic traditions.


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