My spiritual healing practice is in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia. My work is based on inherent kindness that holds whatever arises in the moment and allows it to be exactly as it is without insisting on change. This paradoxically allows for change. The foundation of my work is that relationship is the essential condition of the universe; we exist and are sustained by relationship, with the environment, with the natural world, with self and with others. Thus, it is through relationship that we heal.

This approach to healing springs from the nondual state of consciousness and nurtures our relationship to the source of all healing called the Great Mystery or God. During healings, what is already intrinsically present within a client is illuminated and rectified – wholeness.

My philosophy is that every aspect of the self-has a place. No matter whether your intention is rooted in the physical, emotional, or spiritual, while the healing transmission occurs your body, mind, and spirit re-emanate and heal at the deepest essential levels. Real changes may unfold in your life during the weeks after your sessions. This approach is in harmony with any other healing work you undertake, including allopathic and non-allopathic medicine.

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