I will assist and educate you in your own healing and transformation process.  In the process, we will focus on all aspects of your being: emotions, belief systems, thought processes, the spiritual dimensions, as well as the physical body.  The work includes consultations, meditations, emotional process work, and hands on healing.

My intention is to hold a space for you to deepen your transformation and healing; I do not advise you to discontinue any medical treatment you may be receiving. Usually, the healing work evolves over time; it is not a one-session event. Healing requires a commitment to oneself and a willingness to look and explore the nature of the issues that are manifesting in your life.  We will work as a team. The focus and intention will be to access your innate wisdom.  I am available to be your partner in this process, your committed listener, and your mirror.  All information will be held in the deepest reverence and in a confidential manner.

Private sessions may include:

  • Assisting you in unraveling historical beliefs, patterns and old identities that no longer serve you, liberating deep-seated soul issues and enabling you to live a more fulfilling life.

  • Meditations and spiritual practices done together in session and for you to practice on your own.

  • Tools that help you to come into relationship with yourself in body/mind/spirit: Brennan Healing Science® which may include energy therapy.

The fee for an hour session is $140.  In-person sessions are available at my office in Atlanta, GA. Sessions are also available on Skype and by phone.

For more information about personal sessions and or to schedule an appointment, contact:

Kimberly Cahill 404-219-7231

To prepay for a session:

Please do not prepay for services until your appointment has been confirmed.

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing®

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing®  (IKH) blends deep psychological insights, teachings of nonduality, and hands on healing with the philosophy, practices, and wisdom of the mystical path of Kabbalah. IKH is taught at A Society of Souls, an internationally known and acclaimed four-year training program for healers developed by Jason Shulman, author of Kabbalistic Healing. Kimberly graduated in 2000 from A Society of Souls.

In Integrated Kabbalistic Healing® (IKH), I am not adding anything to you or taking away suffering (although change does occur) – we are entering into a relationship with what arises and then what is intrinsically present is illuminated – that is wholeness. Wholeness includes all the parts of the self. Every aspect of the self has a place. IKH uses symptoms as the gateway for awakening and healing.  In a session, we enter into relationship through the diagnostic process.  The diagnostic process is a fluid and continuous deepening interaction between the healer and client. I am listening to you and I am in relationship with you with the living mandala of the Tree of Life in my awareness. We will talk about issues that you bring up from your life situation, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. It does not matter where we enter.

What is Kabbalah?

The word Kabbalah can be translated as to receive: To receive a tradition, a transmission of metaphysical knowledge and teachings that has been passed down for hundreds of years.   Kabbalah means to be open hearted (open hearted meaning without exception), to receive and to quest and be filled with wisdom and understanding. To live and experience life from the true Self, the self that has always been in the eye of God. Kabblalah means to be in relationship with Life exactly the way it is–with the breath that breathes each of us and the breath that we breathe. Kabbalah is a Mandala for understanding life. Kabbalah describes how all life is created from oneness to duality and is being recreated in every moment. This aliveness of creation is experienced through the Tree of Life and its 10 divine attributes – gateways called the sephirot. Each of the divine emanations-sephira is a different quality of an expression of God, and since we are made in the image of God, we contain the same qualities; for example: there is the quality of loving kindness, the quality of strength, the quality of beauty, and the quality of humility.   Each sephira is in relationship, and connected by a path to each of the other sephira. Simultaneously, holographically each sephira of the Tree of Life is contained within all sephirot (A Tree within a Tree… ad infinitum) It is through the relational matrix of the Tree of Life that the body of God  (creation – us) is revealed and where healing occurs.   (back to top)

Brennan Healing Science®

Brennan Healing Science® is a method of energy healing based on the living dynamics of our Human Energy-Consciousness System and its relationship to the greater world. Taught at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing®,  Barbara Brennan is the author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging. This advanced 4-year course teaches the healer the art of deep contact with the client as well as advanced techniques to rebalance and repair the energy field and the chakras. Brennan Healing Science (BHS) energy medicine is a cutting edge healing modality based on the  body’s energy field, and its relationship to health. This holistic system of personal transformation combines: object relations,  transpersonal psychology and spiritual processes with gently powerful hands-on healing techniques. BHS energy work uses specific skills and techniques that clear, charge, repair, and balance your energy field to help restore and maintain health on all levels. It’s ideal for people with acute/chronic disease and/or injuries as well as psychological trauma/disease.  Energy healing tremendously speeds up personal growth and transformation. The client and healer transform his or her life – not just their symptoms. Kimberly Cahill graduated from The Barbara Brennan School of Healing® in 1993.   (back to top)


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